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Heartland Corps

What are Corps?

Corps are state and local programs engaging primarily youth and young adults (ages 16-25) in service. The majority of Corpsmembers come to Corps looking for a second chance to succeed in life. In return for their efforts, Corpsmembers receive guidance by adult leaders who serve as mentors and role models, a modest stipend and a wide range of member develop-ment services including significant educational opportunities, career preparation, and the opportunity to invest in their communities. "The Corps Network"

B.R.U. Inc. Academy, Heartland Corps...

Our Academy and Heartland Corps are also servicing, training and developing (Green Jobs) as well as providing sources / social services for underserved populations statewide with a focus on Greater Tulsa Region (e.g. veterans, senior citizens, ex-offenders / juvenile offenders and mentally ill and /or disfranchised citizens) by providing rehabilitative education and training and medical / life sustaining resources to assist them in re-entry into mainstream society and attaining a quality of life.