ETA International

Electronics Technicians Association International

ETA International is a not-for-profit, worldwide professional association whose mission is to represent and support the electronics professional. ETA aligns with individual professional goals, vocational and education curriculums, and businesses’ resource initiatives through certification programs, conferences, speaking engagements, and book and journal publications.

FCC licenses and endorsements offered with ETA International

ETA International, one of only nine FCC Commercial Operator License Examination Managers (COLEM) in the nation, currently offers all of the FCC Commercial Radio Operator License exams. You need a Commercial Operator License to operate and/or repair and maintain specified ship, aircraft and international fixed public radio communication stations. The broadcast, aeronautics and maritime industries are the primary employers of commercial license holders. However, many fields are now requiring FCC licenses. To gain solid ground towards securing a future in any of these rewarding areas you must be licensed.