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About Us

Who We Are?
B.R.U., Inc. International Academy is a non-profit organization established to provide global education in a high quality workforce. Our team of highly qualified professionals are dedicated to developing the next generation of social change agents for our future.
Preparing Tomorrow's Global Leaders
B.R.U., Inc. International Academy is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s global leaders through education and study abroad opportunities. We are committed to provide quality education and services with a global perspective while striving to motivate life-learners, enhance morals and values, create scholarships, internships and educational resources. "Over 20 years experience in children and youth development programs, Global Etiquette, kidpreneurship - youth entrepreneur and outdoor classroom". (i.e. biology, science, etc.)

What We Do?
Our organization is dedicated to eradicating poverty worldwide and be a catalyst for social and economic transformation. We create green jobs, health services and resources, high quality education and educational opportunities via virtual schools, resource centers for community empowerment.

Service Affiliations

  • The Corps NetworkEstablished in 1985, The Corps Network is the voice of the nation's 148 Service and Conservation Corps. Currently operating in 46 states...
  • Education Industry AssociationEducation Industry Association is the premier organization for education entrepreneurs who deliver service, innovation and results to families and schools...
  • Electronics Technicians AssociationETA represents the electronics industry, from the technician to the educator and the corporate institution. Widely known for our electronics certification programs...